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NOTE: All book reviews are from genuine reader comments and not prior friends or family of the author.

Aliens, Angels

& Outer Space:

A Biblical Investigation into

Life Beyond Earth

Author: Jeffrey W. Mardis

Publish Date: April 1, 2009 (Revised 2019)

ISBN-10: 0-9819056-0-9

ISBN-13: 978-0-9819056-0-0

Paperback Edition: 180 pages

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches • 8.5 ounces

ALIENS, ANGELS & OUTER SPACE represents a fast-paced, Bible-based introduction to the complex issue of intelligent life beyond Earth. Its 180 pages and over 50 images makes a great addition to the Bible-believer’s library.


> You will get a brief introduction on the 20th century search for extraterrestrial intelligence and the motives behind such searches.

> You will read about the structure of the Universe, the Three Heavens, and how this emphsizes that planet Earth is the anchor and focalpoint of God’s attention.

> You will get a brief glimpse into on how the scriptural doctrine of darkness affects outerspace and the concepts of life on other planets.

> You will read about angels, fallen angels, cherubim, devils, Satan, celstial animals, hybrid creatures, and monsters from underground.

> You will get information detailing the differences between angels and cherubim, and how the two are often misidentified with each other, and how the Bible easily clears up this confusion.

> You will read about the strange and perverse parallels between the themes found in golden-age science fiction films and the motives behind the ancient sons of God.

> You will get a 50 Q&A quiz to help strengthen and sharpen your Bible knowledge regarding these important issues, AND MUCH MORE!

ALIENS, ANGELS & OUTER SPACE makes the perfect introductory booklet to this popular, yet ofter neglected, end-times issue.


“ excellent aid to Bible study for the serious student of the word of God..” – S.L.B. Book Reviewer

"I love how the book used so many passages from the bible to backup what the author says. I started out with one opinion before I read this book, and now I have a different one based in scripture. I bought a copy of the book for myself as a reference and to be able to loan to non-believers. Really good book." – P.H. Book Reviewer

“...presents a Biblical view of the known (and unknown) universe." – B.G. Book Reviewer

“...very nicely done and the subject matter brought forth in a very good biblical manner.” – J.C. Book Reviewer

”...your book is one of the best. It is, I believe, for the Christian, the finest introductory volume on the topic. You bring together all the important issues and information in a clear yet substantial manner. Your constant appeal throughout to the Holy Bible marks your book as one of the very few reliable and biblically sound treatments.” – Pastor M.L. Book Reviewer

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