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Sword-In-Hand Publishing is the independent, Bible-believing, publishing ministry of Christian author Jeffrey W. Mardis. We are pre-Millennial, pro-Israel and deal in Bible doctrine and Christian edification and discernment issues. Our mission is to uphold the final authority of the King James Bible and arm Christians with Scripture-based answers to today's challenging topics. Our books are distributed by Ingram, listed with Bowker and available wherever books are sold – ORDER NOW!


“Every now and then you find a gem full of new and exciting ideas that make such perfect sense.

One chapter is more spectacular than the last. I'm so grateful for authors like Jeffrey Mardis who have

gone way deeper into the Bible than most of us can even imagine.”Bob Ulrich, Prophecy Watchers

NOTE: All book reviews are from genuine reader comments and not prior friends or family of the author.

See What Dwells Beyond Book
See Star of the King Book
See Aliens, Angles & Outer Space Book